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January 17

This week we learned all about polar animals. We talked about how they are able to keep warm in such cold areas because some of them have blubber, thick fur, and huddle together in groups to keep warm. We also did an experiment where students were able to feel ice water with a regular baggie on their hand and then with a blubber baggie on their hand to see how it protected them from the cold!

Our literacy goal this week was to practice rhyming.  See if you and your child can make some rhyming words over the weekend!

Our math goal was to practice counting to ten and recognizing the digits 1-10.  We have also been working hard on learning teen numbers as they can be the trickiest to learn and recognize.

Upcoming Dates:

January 20 - No School

February 14 - Play Literacy at Black Earth Public Library

February 17 - No School - Child Development Fair

February 27 - Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-8

February 28 - No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences 8-12