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March 6, 2020

This week, we continued our unit on rhyming and nursery rhymes. We also added in some Dr. Seuss books for some extra rhyming practice! We continued to add pages to our nursery rhyme book and will finish our books next week! Next week, we will also begin our unit on Pets!

Our 4K Pet Show is next Friday, March 13 from 8:45AM-9:15AM. We are asking each kid to bring in a stuffed animal to be their "pet." Some pets have already made their way to our classroom, and I would like the rest by Tuesday, March 10th! Friends and family are welcome to stop in and see the students' pet booths. We ask visitors to interact with the kids and ask them questions about their pets and how they take care of their pets.

Our literacy goal this week was to recognize rhyming words.

Our math goal was to count to 10 using 1-1 correspondence as well as matching numbers 1-10.

Upcoming Dates:

March 10 - Pets brought into school

March 13 - Pet Show in the cafeteria 8:45AM-9:15AM

March 23 - March 27 - No School/Spring Break

April 9 - No 4K

April 10 - No School

April 17 - Play Literacy at Black Earth Public Library